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Brief biography

I was born in London and lived for the first half of my life in the UK. I went to school in Cambridge and then studied and worked in many parts of the UK before travelling to South America for what was supposed to be a short break in 1989. I ended up living in South America for 12 years (in Ecuador and Peru) before moving to Bremen in Germany, where I now live, in 2002.

I have a Diploma in Landscape Architecture (Leeds Polytechnic) and an MSc in Protected Landscape Management (University of Wales).

My career has included spells as a landscape gardener, landscape architect, nature reserves supervisor, manager of integrated conservation and development projects (in and around protected areas in South America), freelance environmental consultant to the NGO sector, and Associate Lecturer in environment and development studies at the Open University (UK).

When I was made redundant by the Open University in 2013, my part-time work as an editor, writer and translator became my full-time job.

On location in Peru. Rio Mapacho,  ca. 1995