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For editing and translating work, I normally quote a fixed price based on a rate per word. I calculate the rate based on an initial review of the document, taking account of the difficulty of the subject matter and the amount of work required.

I normally quote a price in Euros cents per word. If preferred, I can quote a price per line for translating work or per hour for editing and writing work.

All prices are negotiable. Special rates may be available for large jobs or if there is regular work on offer. I may charge more if a fast turnaround time is required.

Follow-up service

In all cases, the agreed price includes answering follow-up queries from the author, e.g. to explain the reasons for my changes, discuss alternative formulations, or to comment on the author’s own suggestions for further improvements.

Turnaround time

This is negotiable. For regular work you should normally allow about 2 weeks between your initial inquiry and receiving the edited document back from me. Large documents, especially translations, may take longer. However for shorter pieces of topical writing, for example blog articles, I can usually do the work much more quickly, often from one day to the next.


Payment should normally be made by bank transfer to my account in Germany. Please advise beforehand if you want to make alternative arrangements.

Work for clients in Germany is subject to 19% VAT. For clients in other EU countries and outside the EU the situation is more complicated – please inquire when placing your order!

Thank you very much for your support. I've learned a lot (by looking up some suggestions I was first skeptical about), and am happy about your detailed work.
- K.E.